We are Character House Theatre Company and we produce live-cinema productions in the avant-garde tradition.

The Company’s founding is rooted in the work of Mikhail Butkevich and the Theatre of Games. Our approach has expanded since those first days, moving to embrace a variety of theatrical styles and techniques; but live-cinema remains a constant companion.


We are dedicated to the production of live cinema and theatre events. Through both devised and scripted works, the Company creates avant-garde performances for the community. In rehearsal, we center our process around etude work. By doing this, we breathe life into the work from step one – moving quickly from dry reads to vibrant theatre. We analyze scripts through action, not extended table reads and pontificating directors.

We are interested in new forms. Rapture and spectacle, clowning and the classics, our Company is a playground. Artists involved with our work are invited to play, innovate, sharpen, and fly, and bring energetic life to the stage. We invite actors, designers, and audience members from across Indianapolis to join us in this experiment.

Here.   Now.   Never Before.